[Buch] Mini-Rezensionen September (English)

Im September habe ich viel auf Englisch gelesen und auf Goodreads.com bewertet. Hier ist eine Auswahl:

The WinemakerThe Winemaker by Noah Gordon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love Noah Gordon's books, always have. He's such an amazing story-teller and even though The Winemaker might not be his masterpiece (no book can possibly compete against the likes of The Physician or Shaman) I still enjoyed this pleasant story of Josep the grape farmer in 19th-Century-Spain who dreams of improving his produce to make his own wine.

The Winemaker is considerably shorter than some of Gordon's previous novels and covers a shorter time span but the story is still rich and intriguing enough to make for a wonderful read.

Auf Deutsch ist das Buch als Der Katalane erschienen. 

Capital Crimes
Capital Crimes by Jonathan Kellerman
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Capital Crimes is a joint project of writers Faye and Jonathan Kellerman and contains two stand-alone crime novellas.

In the first novella My sister's keeper a controversial and outspoken state representative is brutally murdered in her office. As it turns out that she was a Lesbian and a number of family secrets are discovered the list of suspects grows. This story features Faye Kellerman's signature hero Lieut. Peter Decker.

This story dragged quite a bit and failed to keep me engaged and interested in the investigation. Relationships and connections between people felt forced to me and in the end I couldn't really care less who'd murdered the victim. I also didn't enjoy Pete Decker's appearance. I came to love him as the main character of Faye's previous novels and almost didn't recognize him in this one. Maybe his cameo was too short with only a couple of pages but still...

The second Music City Breakdown, in which an aged musician is murdered on the streets of Nashville prior to a performance, had a different atmosphere and pace to it that worked much better for me. Even though I'm not into music myself at all I could feel the passion everyone in this novel seemed to have about music. The crime investigation had a couple of nice twist and turns and maintained a rather high level of suspense till the end. This novella features Jonathan's signature hero Dr. Alex Delaware which I didn't know from previous reads but would love to get to know him better based on this cameo.

Color My HorseColor My Horse by Bev Pettersen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jessica is an ambitious race skier who had to give up her career following a training injury. As if that's not enough her boyfriend walks out on her and her wealthy grandfather expects his heiress to join the family business. Jessica has other plans. She wants to open a dog kennel and agrees to take up a job as a horse groom to prove her grandfather that she won't shy away from hard work. At the race track she meets Mark who trains her grandfather's stake horses and is not happy at all with this new rookie groom. Soon he has to realize though that not only is Jessica a natural with the horses but also loves what she's doing and won't run back to her comfy life all that fast. And then there's the chemistry between her and Mark that both cannot ignore..

This is already my 5th Bev Pettersen book and I enjoyed it even more than some of the previous ones I read.

Again we are dealing with two strong and stubborn characters who are trying their best not to become attached and fail miserably at that... The romance is heartfelt and humorous at the same time - not too sweet and not too heavy. Even the mystery plot (which I've found a bit too predictable in some of Bev's novels) had me on edge as I couldn't quite figure out what was going on until the end.

Very recommended for lovers of horses and romance :)

IntwineIntwine by Christina Moss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Juliette is a sweet small town girl whose summer break starts off badly after she realizes her boyfriend cheated on her. A friendly dog she meets on the street helps her overcome her initial grief and when it turns out that his owner is a gorgeous alien rockstar from the other end of the galaxy, life will never be the same for her again.

If I had to sum up "Intwine" in five words I'd say it's Edward and Bella gone Sci-Fi ^^ Kudos to Christina Moss for thinking up such a lovely tale of romance and adventure, I enjoyed myself immensely and am curious to read how the saga around Julie and Seth continues.

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