[Buch] Yair Lapid: Memories after my death (English)

Memories After My DeathMemories After My Death by Yair Lapid
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I picked this one up in the middle of the 2012/13 Israeli election campaigns in a curious attempt to learn more about Yair Lapid (whose party would end up second strongest with 19 seats) as an author and his family background. I didn't expect that this well-written account of the colourful life of Lapids father Tommy would impress and surprise me on so many levels.

To write a biography as a first-person narrative with the deceased functioning as narrator is daring even if you knew the person really well. I was pretty skeptical at first but it felt so authentic that I had to remind myself several times throughout the book that it is not actually Tommy himself writing his own memoirs.

Born before Nazi-Germany in Yugoslavia, Tommy survived the Holocaust and immigrated to Israel in 1948, in the same year David Ben Gurion declared independence. As a journalist Tommy found himself in the midst of important and crucial events throughout the history of the young Jewish State and recounts them from his own perspective in the biography.

I believe that even if you're not particularly interested in Tommy Lapid as a person you will find his personal memories of Israel's first 60 years intriguing.

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