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[Buch] Mini-Rezensionen April 2013

Ein Schwung Minis - 1x Deutsch, 2x Englisch :) 

Meine erste bis neunundneunzigste LiebeMeine erste bis neunundneunzigste Liebe by Jasna Mittler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Das ist ein sehr ungewöhnliches, unheimlich nettes Buch. Irgendwo zwischen Roman, Gedichtband und Autobiographie zählt Jasna Mittler in kurzen Sätzen knapp und aufs Wesentliche beschränkt ihre bisher erlebten "Lieben" auf. Jedes Erlebnis ist mit einer passenden Zeichnung versehen, was das Buch zu einem richtigen Schmuckstück macht, das auch zum "immer mal einfach so" Durchblättern einlädt.

Meine erste Liebe war mein Cousin. Ein halbes Jahr älter als ich, hellblond mit braunen Augen. Im Kindergartenalter haben wir oft miteinander gespielt. (...) Mein erster Liebeskummer: als er erklärte, er heirate mich nur, wenn ich Pommes frites und Würstchen kochen könne. So endete meine erste Liebe.
[S. 9]
Hardcover | 120 Seiten | Dumont 2012

The Midwife of Hope RiverThe Midwife of Hope River by Patricia Harman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I picked this up as a Kindle deal and couldn't put it down! The author manages to tell a captivating (though sometimes slightly predictable) story set during the depression that reminded me of The Help (which I loved) while weaving in intriguing episodes right out of the midwife's practice. I wasn't surprised to read in the appendix that the author's an experienced midwife herself: Her birth scenes are described in high professional detail but at the same time never bored me. All in all a great debut novel!

At any minute your life can change. Remember this. Between one breath and the other, the song can stop and everything can be different. 
Kindle-Edition | 320 Pages | Corvus Atlantic 2012

The Other Mr. DarcyThe Other Mr. Darcy by Monica Fairview
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Hm... I wish I could say that I loved this P&P sequel but I did not. Although I liked the idea to make Caroline Bingley the heroine and thus turn her into a likeable character (yes, really!), the plot just wasn't enough to keep me focused and interested in the romance between her and Mr. Darcy's American cousin (I think they also lacked chemistry until a rather late stage). Pity.
On top of that, Fairview's take on some of the other well-known characters didn't feel "right" to me several times throughout the book.

She was heartbroken. Her Mr. Darcy had married that very morning. In church, in front of everyone, and she had been unable to prevent it. He had preferred Elizabeth Bennet. 
Kindle-Edition | 351 Pages | Halebooks 2009

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