[Buch] Julie Kagawa: The Lost Prince

Hinweis: Um der besseren Übersichtlichkeit willen habe ich beschlossen, Buchbeiträge künftig im Titel als solche zu kennzeichnen. So können meine Leser, die etwa mit Jugendfantasy nicht so viel am Hut haben, diese einfach gedanklich ausfiltern und sich so dem Bücherwahn besser entziehen. Aber ich habe auch schon seriöse Literatur rezensiert. So ist es ja gar nicht... ^^

The Lost Prince (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten, #1)The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ethan Chase, brother of the mighty Iron Queen, has been able to see faeries all his life and hates every aspect of it. He despises the fair folk for kidnapping him when he was a toddler and "taking his sister away" (that's another story though - read "The Iron Fey" series!). He avoids them at all cost lest they interfere with his life, which they've done before causing chaos and heartbreak. At 17, Ethan's a brooding teenager who won't allow anybody to get close to him and become a part of his messed-up life. So naturally, he tries everything not to get involved with Kenzie, a very persistent girl in his school who tries to see behind his mask, but when a friend disappears, Ethan and Kenzie end up in the Nevernever facing issues they cannot just walk away from.

I was reluctant to pick up this read and half-expected it to disappoint as a cheap spin-off to the Iron Fey series I'd enjoyed so much. When I finally did get around to it though, I almost couldn't put it down. The plot and characters are better developed than I would have thought possible and we get to meet old friends like Grimalkin and Puck who shine as scene stealers once again. The open ending and a couple of intriguing twists will have me wait impatiently for the next installment.

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