Freitag, 29. Juni 2012

Aus einem Nachbarblog

Daniel Pomerantz über die absurde (?) Idee, sich als Freiwilliger für die israelische Armee zu melden.

Auszug aus Israel Review: Why do we enlist?

Though most Israelis do enlist (at the required age), usually they consider military service to be a burden, and many do not understand why olim (immigrants) are so “strange” that we would want, and even be excited, to enlist.  The work isn’t fun, the food is nothing special, you can’t make a living from it…so why do we want to donate our time to do this thing?

Very well, the question is a valid one, and I have an answer:  I am volunteering my time to the Israeli army because I have seen something that most Israelis will never see in their lives.

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