[Buch] Ali Shaw: The Girl With Glass Feet

The Girl With Glass FeetThe Girl With Glass Feet by Ali Shaw

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm still trying hard to get over this read. It's a wonderful story, beautifully written and it leaves a bittersweet taste that remains and keeps you wondering long after putting it down. That's not a bad thing, don't get me wrong, it even makes "The Girl with Glass Feet" all the better.

When Ida MacLaird returns to St. Hauda's Land it is her last hope to find answers and possibly a cure to the strange disease that has befallen her: Her body is slowly turning to glass; when she arrives to the island, the transformation of her feet is already complete and the glass keeps spreading. Unexpectedly she finds her true love: The shy photographer Midas who slowly opens up to her (and she to him) as they desperately cling to every moment together.

While "The Girl with Glass Feet" is set in a fictional but apparently "normal" world, there are some strange things happening on St. Hauda's Land apart from Ida's mysterious condition. You'll find, among others, miniature cows with wings and a fantastic creature that turns everyone it looks upon to white. I enjoyed those fantastic elements a lot but even if you're not into fantasy at all I'm sure you won't be disturbed by them either.

All in all no light bedside-table-read but very enjoyable and rewarding!

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