Dienstag, 6. März 2012

Mit dem Moped geht (nicht) alles

Nicht mal in Tel Aviv ;)

So will es jedenfalls eine große Mietwagenfirma und suggeriert:

Manchmal ist es besser, das Auto zu nehmen...


  1. Yeah, it is! (Even though most of the times - it's not, or so I keep telling to myself :)

    I really like your "Books to read aloud" section... the world of children literature in German appears so rich and wonderful... to bad that there are very few translations to Hebrew.

    1. I love children's books and started my collection long before I had my daughter :) If you look beyond the standard princess-/action hero-themed stuff you can find real jewels. Classic Hebrew children literature has grown on me a lot, too, over the last couple of years ;)